Unroll the Happiness!

We believe your moments of indulgence deserve nothing less than perfection!
So, we try to make every moment of your experience with us a celebration of love and respect for yourself.


  • Classic roll

    • Cinnamon roll

      Cinnamon roll


      fluffy dough | butter, brown sugar and Sri Lanka cinnamon powder | cream cheese icing, cream cheese topping

    • miniroll box(8)

      miniroll box(8)


      fluffy dough | butter | brown sugar and Sri Lanka cinnamon powder | cream cheese icing | cream cheese topping

  • Nutty roll

    • Pistachio roll

      Pistachio roll


      fluffy dough | handmade pistachio praline | roasted pistachios | cream cheese icing | white chocolate and pistachio cream | pistachio slices

    • Hazelnut and Caramel roll

      Hazelnut and Caramel roll


      fluffy dough | handmade hazelnut praline | roasted hazelnuts | cream cheese icing | caramel ganache | caramelized hazelnut

    • Walnut roll

      Walnut roll


      fluffy dough | buttery filling with walnut marzipan | cream cheese icing |caramelized walnut | caramel sauce icing

  • Fruity roll

    • Apple cinnamon roll

      Apple cinnamon roll


      fluffy dough | butter, brown sugar and Sri Lanka cinnamon | apple tartar | cream cheese frosting and cinnamon powder

    • Lemon roll

      Lemon roll


      fluffy dough | lemon filling with lemon zest | cream cheese icing | lemon jelly | cream cheese frosting and fresh lemon zest

    • Coconut and Mango roll

      Coconut and Mango roll


      fluffy dough | mango marmalade | cream cheese icing | handmade coconut and white chocolate cream and coconut powder

    • Raspberry roll

      Raspberry roll


      fluffy dough | raspberry jelly | cream cheese icing, cream cheese and raspberry cream and raspberry jelly

  • Next level

    • Tiramisu roll

      Tiramisu roll


      fluffy dough | cheese and coffee paste filling | cream cheese icing, cream cheese frosting | lady finger | cocoa and coffee powder

    • Nutella roll

      Nutella roll


      fluffy dough | butter and Hazelnut chocolate filling | cream cheese icing | Nutella | Nutella and milk chocolate cream topping with roasted hazelnut

    • Lotus roll

      Lotus roll


      fluffy dough | Lotus biscoff filling | cream cheese icing, Lotus biscoff cream | Lotus and white chocolate cream | Lotus biscuit

    • Black Forest roll

      Black Forest roll


      fluffy dough | hazelnut chocolate cream with cherry pieces | cream cheese icing | homemade chocolate cream | chocolate crumble | Sourcherry jelly

    • Granola and Yogurt roll

      Granola and Yogurt roll


      fluffy dough | butter and brown sugar filling | cream cheese icing, strawberry and raspberry compote, homemade yogurt cream | granola | cranberry and almond


  • Espresso based drink

    - Extras -

  • Tea/Hot drink

    - Extras -

  • Brewed coffee

  • Cold coffee

  • Cold drink

  • Shake

Rollen is dedicated to elevate your "me time" experience by infusing it with an essence of respect and love.